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Your rights

We respect your rights as a poet and although we accept copyright for your work as it appears in erbacce all copyright prior and after remains with you. That means you are free to do with your own work as you wish at all times


Further; we are sick of alleged poetry Journals which ask you to pay to have your work published and we do not just refer to vanity-publishers. Too many sites and hard-copy Journals and Magazines ask that you enter your poetry into a ‘competition’ where you are asked to send a ‘reading fee’. We will have none of it; you submit your work to erbacce and if it is considered by the selection panel to be good enough we will do two things:  


1) We will send you a free copy and we will send it to you post-free wherever you        are on this globe (Extra-terrestrials will be required to assist with postage)


2) Should the sales of the hard-copy of erbacce make a profit we will send each          and every contributor a percentage of that profit (although if the amount is very       small we will ask that you leave it with us as a donation)


Currently fellow-poets are subsidising every issue as we have never applied for formal assistance to Arts Foundations of Councils as we do not want our integrity compromised in any way. We run this poetry Journal simply because we love poetry that is radical in form or content and which would probably not get an airing anywhere else. We hope you will support us by taking out a subscription but that is entirely up to you.


Your rights include your right to have your work read widely; thus we publish poets from anywhere in the Globe and if your work is accepted then it may well be read in any of the places we have distributed to in the past; USA, Canada, Vietnam, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, China, UK and even the Isle of Man. We would suggest that the more you can publicise this web page, maybe by making a link on your own site, and by notifying other poets or would-be poets of our whereabouts, that will assist in your own work gaining greater publicity. Remember what erbacce means, it’s Italian for ‘weed’, we intend to spread, to take over the garden, you can help.


DO submit!      DO publicise us!      DO subscribe if you can afford to!


ABOVE ALL; keep writing and Good Luck!